Commercial Property for sale in Dike (IA)

Commercial Properties on Sale

Add to your business assets by expanding your investment portfolio. You can use Dike commercial property to generate income by leasing it and earn supplemental income or use the income to add to your portfolio. Dike commercial property can be assets you can pass down to your children or sold if you need the cash (the longer you own the Dike property, the less capital gains tax you will pay).

Dike commercial real estate is considered to be property that will generate an income it also includes vacant land that will ultimately be built on. Dike industrial property is generally used in manufacturing and production, and is separately categorized. For investors, in addition to rent, and a single net lease, there are two other primary types of Dike leases. The double net (NN) and triple net (NNN) each require a different level of responsibility

Properties for sale include commercial real estate investment property - Search Commercial Property for sale in Dike :

Dike Iowa

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